A Nutcracker Christmas

A Nutcracker Christmas

Sachiko’s artistic skills are self-developed and inspired by her childhood fascination with manga and animation. It is in the connections she makes with people who participate in her workshops she feels fulfilled… and as such, she is encouraged to share her abilities and inspire other people to explore and revel in their very own imagination. Mimicafe Union provides education in the invention of fondant cupcake and cake toppers and figures to cake decorators of all skill levels. Sachiko has lots of video tutorials and fun videos on YouTube and Vimeo.
Also, her digital layout art is seen in her Redbubble shop (t-shirts and goods).

Equipment Required
•Fondant: 1.50oz peach, 1oz red, 0.5oz dark red, 1oz black, 0.2oz brown, 0.1oz yellow, 0.3oz green, 1.5oz white
•White gum paste
•2.5” Styrofoam balls
•Corn syrup
•Edible markers
•Craft knife
•Rolling pin
•Flat modelling tool
•Dresden tool
•Mini scissors
•Star plunger cutter
•Gingerbread man cutter
•Small black sugar pearls
•Knit detail silicone press mat
•White florist wires
•Gel colours: white, metallics
•Confectioners’ glaze
•Petal dusts

Fondant that has a good deal of elasticity is perfect for this. Tylose comes in very handy for controlling stiffness of fondant. If using modelling paste instead of fondant, tylose is most likely unnecessary. Roll gum paste into 8mm and 3mm balls and allow to dry at least overnight.

Step 1.
Divide and prepare coloured fondant.

Step 2.
Stick the skewer through the centre of a Styrofoam ball to create a hole. Remove, carefully add hot glue to the skewer and reinsert into hole. Mark outfit lines as shown using a marker.

Steps 3 & 4.
Brush on corn syrup (or piping gel) for each part and attach fondant. Do not apply all the corn syrup at once; attach each fondant piece just after you brush on the syrup for each area. Cut excess with the craft knife to fit the guidelines.

Step 5.
Attach black fondant for the front details.

Step 6.
For the belt, roll out and flatten a string of
brown fondant. The fondant will adhere
to the mat to make cutting smoother.
Step 7.
Use the flat tool to make indents. Cut
away excess on both sides.
Step 8.
Using tweezers, squeeze the edge of the
belt just a little to create a braid effect.
Step 9.
Use the star plunger to make lapel
Step 10.
Add a buckle to the belt.
Step 11.
If you like, add more details.
Step 12.
Eyeballs should be 8mm round – if there
is a big difference in size, the facial
expression will be affected. Hold together
for comparison. Paint an equal sized circle
on each with a black marker.

Step 13.
Using coloured markers, paint bigger
circles. Make sure they are the same size.
Step 14.
With your finger, lightly mix the colours
together to create a pale colour. Repaint
with a blue marker.
Step 15.
Paint the pupil in the centre with the
black marker. Put the eyes aside and wash
your fingers. Using the craft knife edge,
carefully scratch lines from the edge of
the pupil out to the edge of the iris.
Step 16.
Shape peach fondant into a rough
triangle with rounded edges. Smooth the
surface with your fingers and gently press
in with your thumbs to create contours.
Make a rectangle for the nose. Keep your
touch gentle.
Step 17.
Use your fingers and tool to shape the chin.
Step 18.
Gently pinch out lower cheeks.

Step 19.
Carefully cut the line for the eye sockets with the tip of the craft knife. Gently open to shape.

Step 20.
Place eyeballs in the sockets and push into the head. DO NOT push in too much and DO NOT use any water. Touch the tool around the eyes to smooth the surrounding surface and bring some fondant down to shape eyelid detail.

Step 21.
With the flat tool or craft knife, cut the
mouth line and open up.

Step 22.
Put a little white fondant into the mouth. With the flat tool, indent lines of teeth.

Step 23.
Using small strips of black fondant, add eyeline detail. Brush petal dust very gently for makeup on the cheeks and for contour definition.

Step 24.
Paint an eye sparkle spot with a touch of white gel. To create the shiny glass eye, get a little glaze on the end of a toothpick and touch a small amount on the eyes. Attach the eyebrows and moustache.

Step 25.
Apply corn syrup on the skewer protruding from the body and add the head. Attach fondant hair covering the back of the head.

Step 26.
Pull up excess hair and remove.

Step 27.
Use the removed fondant to make a beard and ponytail. Cut four strands and twist each. Attach the ponytail on the back and add a yellow ribbon. The fondant should be sticky enough to attach.

Steps 28a & b.
Attach the beard. To make hair, curl each piece of fondant and attach to the head.

Step 29.
To create the girl, cover the bottom of a
Styrofoam ball with pink fondant.

Step 30.
Cover the top also but drape loosely.

Step 31.
Gently smooth the surface as you go down. Ruffles should naturally shape.

Step 32.
Add the collar and ribbon belt.

Step 33.
Shape green fondant into a cone and use scissors to create branches. Attach sprinkles with piping gel.

Step 34.
Begin the girl’s hair by first adding support fondant at the back of the neck. Make a nice head shape.

Step 35.
Create the girl’s face by shaping an overall face shape with simpler eyelids and nose. Shape the mouth with the flat tool.

Step 36.
Attach the eyelashes and add makeup.

Step 37.
Use the flat tool to create a hair section
diagram on the back of the head.

Step 38.
Cut fondant hair strands and gently twist. Attach onto the head following the diagram so strands fall top to bottom.

Steps 39a & b.
To create the mouse soldier, use 1.5oz of fondant for the head and ears. The gum paste eyeballs are 3mm.

Step 40.
Shape gingerbread men with the cutter. Use a tool to indent facial features. Add buttons, scarf and hat. Via the leg, attach to a toothpick that has a slight treatment of corn syrup or piping gel.

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