Capricorn Your 12 Months Ahead January 2021 through December 2021

Capricorn Your 12 Months Ahead January 2021 through December 2021

Over the last 12 months, a trio of planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) challenged you,both personally and collectively, to deal with things that you would rather have avoided. During the 12 months ahead, you’ll find yourself involved with another trio (Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus), but this time the task they lay before you is likely to be more rewarding, as the three working together challenge you to make change that for most people of your sign will be beneficial. In order to get the best of what they have to offer, you should start your forecast year by setting down some goals and at least sketching out a plan for how you will achieve them. Even though we offer this advice with most yearly forecasts, this time it is extra important, because the major action involving the three is heavily weighted toward the beginning of the year. As for the other two planets, Neptune is, as it has been in recent years, mostly at the edges of the action while Pluto is also fading into the background. Keep you eye on the “big three” and you’ll do well.

Your Special Message
Born December 22-December 31: Take a good look at investment possibilities right at the start of the year.
Born January 1-January 10: In February and March, consider having a conversation with a financial adviser to make a plan.
Born January 11-January 19: August through December is likely to be you best time of the year to deal with money matters.
Planetary Calendar for Capricorn’s Year
Planets entering the signs focus concern on your solar houses (shown next to planet and sign). Each period extends until the planet enters the following sign.

Earning Power
JUPITER’s role in your life, as well as Saturn’s, is to focus on ways in which you can increase your earning power as well as do better in saving and investing what you already have. Each planet will do this through its position in the sign of Aquarius, your solar 2nd house, with both of them there as the year begins. Jupiter remains in Aquarius until June 20, but after a brief period in Pisces, it returns to Aquarius on July 28. In the very first month of your forecast, on January 17, it squares Uranus. That combination is likely to awaken the urge to do better in regard to your finances, but this is a time to begin thinking about how to do this. If you act without thinking, you could easily fall into a speculative venture that, while it might bring some initial gain, could ultimately set you back. It is when Saturn comes into the picture that things with long-term benefits are likely to happen.

Sound Decisions
SATURN, like Jupiter, squares Uranus, but does so three times: February 17, June 14, and December 24. In general terms, each of those squares signals the need for turning away from the old way of handling your money and embracing the new. Saturn square Uranus almost demands change, and you may find that the best way to do this is to let go of things that have been siphoning off funds without giving much back to you, whether in terms of cash flow or pleasure. A Saturn-Uranus square clarifies your thinking about such matters, allowing you to make sound judgments unclouded by sentimentality, about how to correct the situation. Follow the lead of these two planets, and you will be better able to make sound decisions that improve your life.
Your Best Friend
URANUS all by itself, of course, heralds change, though when acting on its own it is essentially neutral, promoting change just for the sake of change. As this year it is dealing with two “responsible” planets in a house that is at the center of your financial needs and interests, it will no longer be playing the role of the gadfly, but rather will be acting as your best friend!

Only the Lonely
NEPTUNE is not exactly all by itself this year, but its lone aspect to another outer planet will be a sextile to Pluto from late June to early October, something that is of only long-term consequence.

Retired Ringmaster
PLUTO was the power planet for you over the last several years, and the ringmaster of quite a bit of action in your sign. This year it is somewhat of a has-been with only occasional short-term influence on events in your life.

Your Action Timetable
MARS begins this forecast period in your solar 4th house, Aries, and ends the period in your solar 12th house, Sagittarius. The dates when it moves into each sign during the year ahead signal a shift in focus for your interests and activities. Right timing and right action are aided by knowing where Mars is and where it’s going in relation to your birth sign.
November 13-January 6 (2021): Crash! Bang! Boom! That might be the sound around you as you go about the house fixing this, that, and the other, and maybe throwing away a little trash as well. You’re entitled, as Mars in your solar 4th does tend to make people more than a little unhappy about the condition of the place where they live. Hint: hire someone else to do the hard work!
January 6-March 3: The solar 5th is a high-energy house, but it’s always good to keep in mind that Mars here can be a little too high in that respect. Most people tend to get a little more physical here than usual, partly because of the energy and partly because they are willing to take more risks than the would normally take. If you want to let loose, go ahead, but don’t forget that yours is a staid and steady sign. Don’t lose control.
March 3-April 23: Mars and the
solar 6th were made for each other, as the hardworking nature of that planet is faced with the need to collect all those tasks around the house or around the office that have gone unfinished, bundle them together, and then get them done. Don’t overwork yourself by doing other people’s work, though.
April 23-June 11: Mars is now in a location that can be somewhat tricky to deal with, as Mars in the solar 7th brings out the competitive nature of both the house and the planet. This just fine if the most competitive thing in your life is a weekly chess game with a friend, but not so fine if you are currently dealing with a difference of opinion you have with a spouse, lover, or business partner. Keep moderation in mind in such cases, and remind yourself that no matter what happens you need to both talk and listen.
June 11-July 29: If you happened
to be involved in the kind of difference of opinion mentioned in the previous paragraph, it’s quite possible it could have involved money issues. If so, they will definitely carry over to this Mars period, and if that sounds boring, you’re probably right. On the other hand, this is the house to come to for solutions. Mars may raise the heat, but planets like the Sun, Mercury, and Venus visiting the same house at the same time (which they are—check out June and July in the monthly section below) will help both of you find suitable solutions.
July 29-September 14: Mars in your solar 9th always deserves a caution when it comes to travel, not because it makes you a bad driver or anything like that, but because it can put you in situations in which other people being bad drivers can cause you trouble. This is also a learning house, and Mars here particularly helps you sharpen mechanical and technical skills. The message? Stay at home and take a class!
September 14-October 30: There are times in our lives when each of us feels the need for more recognition from others, and Mars in the solar 10th really brings this out in us. For those on a career track and out in the working world this often raises their ambition for a new job or a better position at their current job. If that’s you, then go with that feeling. Be honest with employers or prospective employers about what you want, but avoid the temptation to elbow others aside in order to get it.
October 30-December 13: You
probably still have some of that ambition remaining from the previous period, and Mars in your solar 11th urges you to mingle with people who can help you out in that regard. Even if your personal ambitions have been satisfied, this is a good time to work with others toward a common goal, whether it is inspired by a personal project you’ve been trying to get off the ground, or by something that you feel will help others. December 13-March 6 (2022): Mars in your solar 12th has a simple message: time to slow down. Over the last several months of promoting yourself you’ve likely been very active, but you’re probably beginning to find that both boring and wearing. Be kind to yourself and take it easy.

When MERCURY is retrograde in motion, messages and other communications can be delayed, and travel plans often need to be altered on short notice, causing no end of frustration. It’s all right to make such plans during Mercury retrograde, but you should be cautious about carrying them out until the planet of communication moves direct, and then only after you confirm and reconfirm everything. During this forecast period, dates for Mercury retrograde are: January 30-February 20, May 29-June 22, September 27-October 18.
VENUS can make you confident about
your appearance and attractiveness in any social or romantic situation when it is in a trine, sextile, or conjunction aspect to your sign. Datesfortheseaspectsduringthiscycle are: January 8-February 1, February 25-March 21, April 14-May 8, July
21-August 15, September 10-October 7,
November 5-March 6 (2022).

Month by Month January—With both the Sun and Venus
in your sign for a third of the month you are likely to find yourself focused on putting an extra shine on your public image. It’s a good time to take a look at how you present yourself to others, and ask yourself how you can improve the impression you make. Chances are that you are already doing the best you can, but it doesn’t hurt to take some time to see how you could do things better in this part of your life.
February—Despite the fact that Mercury turned retrograde at the end of last month, you may find that communication pays off for you now. Communication doesn’t mean just talking, but in fact goes back to last month’s suggestions about making an impression. If you’ve got ideas to sell now, don’t hesitate to present them to others, and givea nod to that retrograde by de-emphasizing words and emphasizing pictures.
March—You are likely to be in high demand both on the home front and the work front (whether paid or volunteer work, or activities in a purely social setting). If you are engaged in something that could improve your status in life, bring you financial support for a pet project, or otherwise improve your life, now is the time to go for it. At home, take charge of upgrading and repairing, but discuss it with your family.
April—With the Venus, Mercury, and
the Sun together in your solar 5th from the 19th through the 3rd of next month, this can be a good time to make plans for longterm projects, especially those of a personal nature. However, with the planet of love in the mix, you may find yourself dealing with distractions. As they are likely to involve flirtation and flattery directed at you, this is more of a problem if you’ve already been spoken for, but even if you’re single be careful. Love that begin under Venus in the 5th can end quickly.
May—Jupiter moving into your solar
3rd house on the 13th marks the beginning of a period of several weeks when being different makes a difference. This is particularly true until the 20th, as the Sun working in tandem with Jupiter is likely to have you thinking about new and better ways to do old, possibly boring tasks. Toward the end of the month, such thoughts may begin to give way to a need to focus less on creativity and more on practicality June—Much of what you do this month willbeateameffortinonerespectoranother, though not necessarily a cooperative one. From the 2nd to the 11th, both Venus and Mars will be in your partnership house, making anything undertaken by you and a spouse, romantic friend, or business partner more like a competition. Even after Mars moves on, it will be in your joint-finance house, simply shifting your differences from love to money. Despite this, the Sun moving into your solar 7th with Venus will calm things down, and Venus in your 8th by month’s end suggest that outside help may cool your differences with others.
July—Not only is it possible that
the month begins with your partnership differences over and done with, from the 11th to the 21st, the Sun and Mercury in your solar 7th offer a clear path to upgrading the status of both romantic and business partnerships. In the first case, a change in living arrangement or even a proposal of marriage might be possible. In the second case, a contract and an upgrade in your business could happen.
August—Whether or not a key partnership in your life changed in the ways suggested last month, at least the scene was set for future changes. Venus moving through your solar 10th from the 15th of this month to the 10th of next month smooths the way for an upgrade of either employment or personal status. In other words, your public image undergoes a planetary upgrade, whether or not you actively pursue it or not. If you are in a career situation, speak to your boss about both your vision for the company and your need for more responsibilities.
September—Even though Venus moves
into the solar 11th (a house related to group activities) on the 10th, on the 14th Mars moves into the solar 10th to take the softer, more accommodating planet’s place. For a brief period from the 22nd to the 27th you have a chance to make your ambitions into realities. Be ready for some resistance, but even if at first you feel you have come up short, just be patient. Mercury goes retrograde on that last date mentioned, but by the 18th of next month it will move forward once more, and things will begin to happen.
October— Saturn and Jupiter going
direct in your solar 2nd (on the 10th and the 18th, respectively) prepare the way for Mars going direct in your solar 10th, all of which suggests that recent efforts to improve your status in life will begin to come together. It’s important not to just let things happen, hoping that everything will work out somehow. Active involvement is the name of the game now, so let people know what you want. Don’t be shy.
November—Keep up the pace in regard to matters you’ve been dealing with over the past two months, but do so keeping in mind that you’re approaching a time (beginning on the 21st) when the Sun, Mercury, and eventually Mars will be spending time in your solar 12th. That might tempt you to slack off on fulfilling your personal ambitions, so you need to stay alert and stay on point.
December—The month begins with the Sun and Mercury in your house of privacy, the solar 12th, and on the 13th Mars joins them. Even though Mercury and the Sun finally end up in your sign, Venus ends up going retrograde there, so you may have a sense that you are being held back in things you need to finish. Don’t give in, though, as if you give it your best effort, you will keep moving forward, and eventually you will reach your goals.

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