Capricorn your january guide

Capricorn your january guide

1st-8th: Plan of action. Now that the holidays are over, you will be excited and energized to create a plan of action you can follow, Capricorn. On the 4th, Mercury conjoins Pluto in your sign, followed by Venus entering that area on the 8th. Review activities you may have placed on the back burner last year, and consider moving some of them to the top of your “to do” list.
9th-16th: Closer together. Venus in your sign forms a trine to Mars in your solar 5th on the 9th, so make time for a romantic dinner or weekend getaway. If you are in a committed relationship, do something exciting and different to bring the two of you closer together. If you are unattached, this is a great time to discover a singles group that shares your intellectual and creative interests.
17th-23rd: Listen and learn. With the Sun entering your solar 2nd on the 19th, your income stream should be steady. Continue to save more and spend less, keeping an eye out for financial opportunities you may be hearing about from friends. As a practical and frugal person, you can easily distinguish between a get-rich-quick scheme, and a potentially profitable offer.
24th-31st: Informed decision. The Full Moon makes its presence known in your solar 8th on the 28th, followed by the Sun conjoining Jupiter in your solar 2nd on that day. Friends may continue to regale you with business plans that may sound tempting. If you find one that requires minimal investing, talk to a financial adviser, and make an informed decision.

Day-by-day forecast for capricorn

1st Fri.—You lean toward logic and order, Capricorn. Dispensing kind words that open doors to new possibilities are on the agenda. Your curiosity and imagination are piqued.
2nd Sat.—A private matter is handled successfully behind closed doors. Family dynamics are upbeat and enthusiastic about a new project that looms on the horizon.
3rd Sun.—An intellectual or esoteric issue is brought down to brass tacks before you’ll address it. You’ll take the ideals at hand and apply them to the marketplace for potential.
4th Mon.—Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, the house of your appearance, perspective, and vitality (the 1st). Your expertise will be sought and you’ll oblige.
5th Tues.—A career project requires tact, diplomacy, and social skills, along with a strong sense of design and presentation. A higher-up assists with advice and experience.
6th Wed.—Mars enters Taurus, the house of creativity, kids, gambling, sports, romance, and entertainment (the 5th). Demand value for your dollar here; no exceptions.
7th Thurs.—Friendships and romance collide, but adjustments and understandings can mend fences. Jealousy and envy need careful handling in order to avoid confrontations.
8th Fri.—Venus enters Capricorn, paving the way to dressing for success and using good manners as a survival tactic. Meeting and greeting has ramifications at a later date.
9th Sat.—Venus trines Mars, causing Cupid to fly overhead with a prospective love interest. An artist or musician attracts your attention, as does a coach or an event planner. 10th Sun.—Quality downtime helps you rejuvenate and catch up on phone calls, emails, texts, or social media. Kind words soothe disillusionment; put your compassion to work. 11th Mon.—Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius, the house of your cash flow (the 2nd). A budget needs to expand to accommodate future possibilities; adjust accordingly.
12th Tues.—The New Moon in Capricorn activates the house of your persona, outlook, and vitality, (the 1st). Your serious demeanor takes center stage; so does your focus. 13th Wed.—Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, creating frustration with kids, money, sports, the arts, and romantic pursuits. Hurdles appear; you’ll climb over them. 14th Thurs.—Uranus stations direct in Taurus, your house of entertainment, your love life, kids, hobbies, recreation, and gambling (the 5th). The status quo is overthrown here. 15th Fri.—Progressive forms of parenting come into focus, along with an acceptance of alternative forms of education and medical treatments. Upgrade household technology.
16th Sat.—A heart-to-heart with a child, teen, or sweetheart emphasizes compassion, empathy, and artistic expression. These dialogues sow seeds of positive growth. 17th Sun.—Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, creating fractious situations in romantic pursuits. Cupid flies in suddenly, but exits just as quickly. Hold on to your hat. 18th Mon.—Adapting to changes or improvements in family dynamics or in your domestic environment flows more smoothly than you thought; stress is next to nothing. 19th Tues.—Aesthetics loom large but they must take a back seat to speed and efficacy, especially in your living quarters. Learning new apps or technology is a breeze for all.
20th Wed.—Mars conjoins Uranus in Taurus, your house
of risk, romance, kids, and recreation (the 5th). Step in and take firm control here when the going gets too tough.
21st Thurs.—Kids and teens are rambunctious, and sweethearts create a touch of chaos that needs careful handling. Sports and entertainment venues can become explosive.
22nd Fri.—Reflecting on bad habits on the dating scene can shed new light on deep-rooted issues. Past experience need not influence present performance; roll the dice.
23rd. Sat.—Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, making it easy for you to empathize with a sibling, cousin, or neighbor. The right words make the difference.
24th Sun.—Sticking to regimens is second nature to you, but you’re likely to ignore certain dietary or exercise restrictions. Pets are off their schedules, and so are you.
25th Mon.—Your significant other caters to your needs and personal preferences. Budget concerns take center stage and you’ll take charge of the necessary adjustments.
26th Tues.—The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, causing a change in values that impacts spending habits. Cutbacks occur with kids, sports and the dating scene.
27th Wed.—Conversations begin well, but volatile topics need to be nipped in the bud to avoid unnecessary stress and confrontations. Family and patriotism get a workout. 28th Thurs.—The Full Moon in Leo illuminates the house of financial settlements, credit cards, interest rates, loans, and debts (the 8th). Family security is front and center.
29th Fri.—Spending now brushes up against saving for your future, resulting in verbal volleys that run the gamut from bad to worse. Adjust your definition of living it up.
30th Sat.—Mercury stations retrograde in the house of assets and income (the 2nd). Your careful budget suddenly goes off the rails; learn to make do with less, or do without.
31st Sun.—A critical analysis of philosophy, education, or cross-cultural customs highlights the flaws and minimizes the benefits. Probing their origin offers new insight

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