Create Your Cookie Canvas

Create Your Cookie Canvas

Before we begin piping ornate decorations on top of our cookies, we need to make a smooth royal solid base, a mixture of firm border icing and runny flood icing

THE BORDER: Place your edge icing in a pastry bag fitted with a Wilton No. 1 piping tip. Touch tip to cookie surface and start applying pressure. Once icing begins to emerge, lift the tip off the cookie and then continue to use even pressure. An icing string should form between the cookie surface and your piping trick. Keep applying even pressure, and allow the icing fall into position, guiding it with your hand. Your tip should not touch the cookie cutter, only the icing thread. When you reach the end, stop applying pressure, and touch back down to break the ribbon. Don’t rush the process, also it will break or begin to curl.

THE FLOOD: Put your flood icing at a squeeze bottle with a small opening or ina pastry bag fitted using a Wilton No. 3 piping tip. Squeeze out a puddle of icing, enabling it to pool from the center out. Don’t squeeze out too much at once, or you will overwhelm the border. Use a wooden pick to gently shift the icing to fill from the gaps. Then apply your choice to spread the icing in other instructions. Once filled, you can pop any air bubbles using the pick to make a smooth surface. Let dry for 2 to 3 hours. Keep in mind that humidity influences the drying time, so if it is a rainy day, put your cookies close to a fan to help hasten the procedure.

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