Cutting-edge luxury design from amara property

Cutting-edge luxury design from amara property

These improvements have been made even more remarkable by the eco-creden tials, as the ind ustry’s focus develops about the imp or tance of climate modification,Amara Suitable ty leads the way by id enti fying revolutionary methods to ensure sustainab山ty sit s at the heart of its design approach.


Smart construct techniques such as select ing for re匀cted mater iats and in crea sing th e cons tru c t io n material of the building dramatically minimiseswaste, whereas the installatio n of solar roof panels and Ecotricity meters generates long-term low-carb on footprint homes By fu『ther harnessing this green
Energy via the use of Tesla Powe r Walls, from which devices could be charged using saved solar energy, elec tricity prices at its Kingwood development in Hadley Wood were reduced for as li ttle as#6 monthly.
Winner of a Int ernational Real Estate Award, Amara P「oper ty’s latest bu ild, Aria, is an coveted? Mill ion flagship house in
Hadley Wood that drives the boundaries of architectural construction and also fuses lu xurious livingwith state-of-the- art technology.Designedwith entertainmentin head, the property comes with an expansive cellar leisure complex which includesa home cinema with surround-sound system, games area, swim ming de ool com plete wi darkened bar area, fitness center, sauna and steam rooms, All which may be controll ed remotely by a Gira principal hub.Gira is an intell igen t house automation system which Amara sele cted in lin e with its commitment to techfocuseddesign,enabling everything from warmth to safety to be conveniently controlled
Through a smartphone or tablet, demonstrating yet another instance of Amara Suitable ty’s attent ion into deta Aria is an outstanding real estate that perfectly exemplifies the companys’ center vision of combining modern luxury, sustainable living and technology through b oth traditi onal and mode「n design techniques.
Presently, Amara Suitable ty are all creat ing Waterside Mansions, also a development of three beautifully constructed five-bedroom detached homes situated on Gordon Avenue – one of Stanmore’s most prestigious roads.


Blending luxury family livingwith modern architecture and carefully crafted layout,Waterside
Mansions Are Made with Amaras worth in your mind, and offer the lu cky citizens tasteful light-filled interiorswhere Traditional form meetsstylish performance,and luxurious finishes mix seamlessyl with a sense of relaxed refinement

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