Gemini your january guide

Gemini your january guide

1st-8th: Profit potential. Pursuing financial opportunities should be at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions, Gemini. With the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in your solar 8th most of the week, brainstorm with your significant other or close friend about forming a business partnership. This may start small, but it has the potential to become profitable in the future.
9th-16th: Hidden treasures. The New Moon makes its appearance in your solar 8th on the 13th, followed by the Sun conjoining Pluto there on the 14th. Think about starting an online store where you won’t have to invest much up front. Clear out your closets and drawers, since you might find clothing, books, jewelry and other things that you do not need but can put up for sale.
17th-23rd: Interests and opinions. The Sun enters your solar 9th on the 19th, followed by its conjunction with Saturn there on the 23rd. Get ready to join a book club, register for a course, or seek out groups where you can share your interests and opinions with like-minded people. Most important is to expand your circle of friends and areas of inquiry and knowledge. 24th-31st: Virtual learning. With the Sun conjoining Jupiter on the 28th in your solar 9th you will probably find a course, seminar, or workshop that works perfectly for you in terms of the subject matter and timing. You can probably do this online, which means you will not have to worry about traveling anywhere to exchange ideas, learn new concepts, and gain skills.

Day-by-day forecast for gemini

1st Fri.—You’re an expert networker, Gemini. The people you need to reach are more hidden than usual, but your clever connecting takes you right where you need to be. 2nd Sat.—Your eloquence makes you stand out, especially among movers and shakers who take your stream of information and run with it. High energy keeps you buzzing.
3rd Sun.—Organizing your home carefully streamlines your housekeeping routines and minimizes stress. Relaxing in privacy brings feelings of deep satisfaction.
4th Mon.—Your work week begins under a smokescreen, and the chaos at your place of employment are in stark contrast to the order at home. Categorize the confusion. 5th Tues.—An intellectual conversation keeps you on your toes and inclines Cupid to aim his arrow. Attraction to the person talking or to his high ideals is another story.
6th Wed.—Mars enters Taurus, your house of privacy, rehabilitation, and charity (the 12th). A now or never approach to breaking a bad habit can galvanize you.
7th Thurs.—Activities taking place behind the curtain demand discretion, but they generate opposition and resistance. Medical matters and staff are hot-button issues.
8th Fri.—Mercury enters Aquarius, your house of learning and understanding (the 9th). Time to learn some new tech, so delete all those old apps and install some new ones.
9th Sat.—Venus in Capricorn trines Mars in Taurus, paving the way for romantic liaisons behind closed doors. Education takes place in quiet corners, and Cupid appears. 10th Sun.—Problems lurk beneath the surface in relationships and at your job. Housekeeping gets a wide berth while you ruminate on other pressing concerns.
11th Mon.—Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius, your house of higher education, international travel, legal issues, and gurus (the 9th). Academics dominate discussions.
12th Tues.—The New Moon in Capricorn activates the house of shared billing, credit, taxes, mortgages, loans, and debts (the 8th). A hard-core approach will be taken here.
13th Wed.—Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, placing you among people with rigid outlooks. A private matter consumes your time but immediate solutions elude you.
14th Thurs.—Uranus stations direct in Taurus, bringing buried issues to the surface. Leaks in confidentiality and the spread of gossip spark nervous tension. Remain calm. 15th Fri.—Theories and abstract thinking occupy your mind this morning, but later this afternoon your mood takes a more compassionate turn. Higher-ups have mental cobwebs.
16th Sat.—Helping the disadvantaged, if only through a small donation of food or coins, is high on your agenda. In private moments your thoughts turn to shoring up finances.
17th Sun.—Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, giving belief systems a workout. Fortune turns its wheel with an outcome that produces a mixed result.
18th Mon.—Your kinetic energy is more focused in groups, teams, clubs, or among friends working for a worthy cause. Education and traditions are up for review. 19th Tues.—Yesterday’s plans and agendas are discussed and analyzed in detail. Accessing the funds to implement them is a completely different story.
20th Wed.—Mars conjoins Uranus in Taurus, your house of seclusion, charity, convalescence, and self-undoing (the 12th). Attempts at privacy are rudely disrupted.
21st Thurs.—Temptation to give in to bad habits is strong, but a philosophical outlook provides the perspective you’ll need to take a stand. Calm your nerves to avoid outbursts. 22nd Fri.—You’re back to focusing on long-term security and will toss around plans that shine some light at the end of the tunnel. A minor conflict needs some reckoning. 23rd Sat.—Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, presenting Cupid in career-related endeavors. Insurance policies need a second look, as do nest eggs.
24th Sun.—Your ability to adapt and blend in chameleon- style serves you well in your profession. When higher-ups fail to grasp certain concepts, you provide the explanations 25th Mon.—Home and family life take center stage, and your concerns will run the gamut from babies to eldercare. Contemplate your role throughout the generations.
26th Tues.—The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, sending you behind closed doors to tend to intellectual pursuits. Immerse yourself in academics, a book, or school.
27th Wed.—Accounts payable and accounts receivable put you in a balancing act. Taking a cut-and-dried approach to maintaining your bottom line is easier said than done.
28th Thurs.—The Full Moon in Leo lights up the house of cars, commutes, communication, siblings, and neighbors (the 3rd). Familiarity reigns here.
29th Fri.—Your talent for enlightening conversation comes into focus, but words meant to entertain may end up having the opposite effect. The back story here holds a surprise.
30th Sat.—Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius, your house of higher education, cross-cultural pursuits, ethics, and in-laws (the 9th). Right and wrong blur here.
31st Sun.—Family matters demand long hours of hard work and attention to detail. Steering a career project in the direction of your choice produces a positive outcome.

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