How to cultivate Bedding plants?

Annuals with Caution

Bedding crops are those tiny yearly or biennial wonders out there in seedling trays in nurseries. Occasionally they are already in blossom, and sometimes they are going to blossom. These are always purchases that we make in excitement, and in the hope that they are likely to grow like weeds and flower like blazes!
Nicely, success is guaranteed and you will definitely get your money’s worth if you follow these suggestions:
•Do not plant in the heat of the day — early morning or late afternoon is best.
•Don’t plant warm seedlings — water them the night before if they’ve been standing for a while.
•Don’t pull them from the tray by their stems.
The trays are made to permit the seedlings to’pop’ out of the plastic cavity.
•The roots of seedlings may have become matted from the tray’s small cavities. Gently tease out and remove some of the matted roots — that will induce the plant to anchor faster in the ground by sending out new roots.
•When you will find any yellowing old leaves at the bottom of the seedling, tear them off.
•If the tiny seedling is already full of blossoms, pinch off a few to direct more energy into the roots and also to stimulate bushy development, which will in turn bring about a lot more blossoms.
•Mix 5g of HydroCache to 1 litre of water. When the gel has formed, then add a tsp of the gel mixture to each planting hole before placing your seedling. This is a water-retention product that will keep the dirt round the roots moist on hot days.
•See that all the small plants have been firmed down gently, and water instantly with a nice rose spray.
•A dose of Kelpak (a growth stimulant) a few days after is a good initial feed for young seedlings. It will reduce
Aftercare do’s
63Add a light layer of mulch around the seedlings, taking care not to let it mound up against the stems.
64Feed every two weeks using a water- soluble feed such as Nutrifeed.
•Never allow young seedlings to dry out entirely and for extended periods, but also do not let them stand in drenched dirt — use your hands to feel as if you should water.
Enjoy the blossoms but keep on pinching out the spent ones to prolong the flowering stage.

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