How to plant and maintain Ficus in the house?

Ficus ‘Starlight’

Desire a tree indoors? Decide on a Ficus benjamina’Starlight’. This is a crying fig with compact, cascading branches and bright variegated foliage — the leaves are white splotched with bright green.
The plant will become large and lush, giving you years of enjoyment
If you are consistent with its maintenance and provide a calm environment. Otherwise, it will behave the same way for a kid with a regular problem,
Throwing tantrums by means of dramatic defoliation!
Prevent tantrums by:
•Placing it in a warm place with bright, filtered light.
•Never moving it around unnecessarily. It won’t even like to be flipped. Sudden temperature and light changes will cause dropping leaves.
•Watering frequently in summer as soon as the soil feels dry. Although it is not a water guzzler, it won’t want to stand dry for long periods,
Particularly during hot weather. On the other hand, It Is Going to want to be watered sparingly in winter by changing
The frequency and not the volume of water. Both underwatering and overwatering may lead to leaf drop.
Notes Regarded as one of the best air purifying plants for indoor usage.

  1. The fruit produced (although improbable indoors) is non-toxic, but the latex stems and leaves can lead to skin irritations. Since it is a tree, it will require re-potting from time to time. Use a bigger container and high quality potting soil, and don’t worry if a few leaves are dropped afterwards. It’ll recover and begin producing new leaves.

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