How to propagate strawberry asexually?

Grow more strawberries

Your strawberry patch ought to be growing and fruiting lushly today, but another thing that berries really like to do is create runners. These runners are flat stems over ground that make perfect clones of the mother plant, and this is grown on in pots or given out as a present.
Do so:
60Remove the baby plants by cutting the long stalks joining them into the mother plants.

62Mix up a growing medium with 2/3 potting soil and 1/3 palm peat, and fill up the kettle to just below its rim.
63Make little holes at the growing medium and insert the baby plants, firming each down one lightly.

64Add more soil medium if needed to fill up the pot and water with a watering can.
65You can begin feeding your plants with a water-soluble fertiliser as soon as you see new development and also the first flowers.

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