Leo your january guide

Leo your january guide

1st-8th: Mapping the future. Celebrate the new year by mapping out a different career path or becoming more active in a group that you support, Leo. Mercury enters your partnership sector (solar 7th) on the 8th, so review a few different scenarios about what you might do next. Reach out to your significant other or to a close friend you respect for ideas on how to proceed.
9th-16th: Rewarding results. On the 9th, Venus in your solar 6th forms a trine to Mars in your solar 10th, so continue to brainstorm with others about ideas for that project you were excited about last week. You may have to work intensely, but you will be rewarded with the result you aim for. Energize and get moving!
17th-23rd: Setting a date. Gear up for a romantic week with your significant other or, if unattached, join a singles’ gathering. The Sun enters your solar 7th on the 19th and conjoins Saturn there on the 23rd. Plan ahead and carve out the quality time you need. You may prefer being spontaneous, but remember that if you do not set a time and date, plans may not materialize.
24th-31st: Celebrate. The Full Moon lights up your sign on the 28th, followed by the Sun conjoining Jupiter in your solar 7th on the same day. This is a time to celebrate those you love by making sure that you spend time with them. Arrange an outing where you can get dressed up. Show how good you feel by sporting a new outfit, hairdo, and lots of flashy jewelry.

Day-by-day forecast for leo

1st Fri.—Your rhetoric shines, Leo. Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, making your words hit a home run with people who work under you in the ranks.
2nd Sat.—Chivalry isn’t dead if you’re around, and your offer of help to someone in need sets an excellent example of moving forward despite discouraging obstacles.
3rd Sun.—A need for economizing in career-related endeavors is acknowledged but not appreciated until a later date. Operating on a tightened budget falls easily into place. 4th Mon.—A staff member’s ability to get to the root of a problem and solve it immediately with little effort rivets your attention. Your body warns you of exertion.
5th Tues.—Communication lines focus on pleasantries and compromising with partners and competitors. Wearing the stripes of a referee facilitates progress and results.
6th Wed.—Mars enters Taurus, your house of rank, status, bosses, and your career (the 10th). Resistance from bosses is strong in a particular area, and budget cuts add trouble. 7th Thurs.—Domestic concerns clash with professional duties. Finding a happy medium here requires you to walk a delicate tightrope while tweaking both sides for cooperation.
8th Fri.—Mercury enters Aquarius, your house of partnerships, competitors, and confrontations (the 7th). A detached and rational outlook spins the wheels of progress. 9th Sat.—Venus in Capricorn trines Mars in Taurus, placing a love interest in a kitchen, warehouse, medical setting, or among the top brass. Work and romance shake hands.
10th Sun.—Cupid’s flying overhead, but the signals get crossed in one way or another. Deception lurks in the corners, and someone’s not putting all the cards on the table.
11th Mon.—Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius, your house of contests and partnerships (the 7th). An overflow of words informs and disturbs you simultaneously.
12th Tues.—The New Moon in Capricorn activates the house of medical matters, your diet, job skills, pets, and hired help (the 6th). Knees, joints, and bones need attention.
13th Wed.—Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, creating some difficulty with your significant other, a stranger, or perhaps even a member of the powers that be. 14th Thurs.—Uranus stations direct in Taurus, your house of authority figures and your career (the 10th). Sudden changes occur at your workplace, despite unpreparedness. 15th Fri.—Give your significant other some time and space today. This evening, a carefree outlook toward fiscal responsibilities just may incline you to overspend.
16th Sat.—Your feline intuition is operating on overdrive, and the back of your neck provides all the information you need to make decisions. Bosses make sudden changes.
17th Sun.—Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, throwing a monkey wrench in to your plans concerning relationship issues, career options, and taking control.
18th Mon.—An unusual ethical dilemma arises and requires careful handling. Accurate information and firm guidance help you arrive at the conclusion that suit your needs.
19th Tues.—Staff members lag if a job needs expediting, but once you get your point across clearly production speeds up. Pets can’t wait to exercise and socialize.
20th Wed.—Mars conjoins Uranus in Taurus, your house of bosses, your profession, status, and response to authority (the 10th). A bolt from the blue occurs; adjust to it.
21st Thurs.—Much like yesterday, but the dust has settled. Resistance and anger are mounting, but wait for a step-by-step explanation before you take definitive action. 22nd Fri.—Memories clash on a certain topic, so you can expect dissension from coworkers. People who work under you in the rank and file align with your leadership.
23rd Sat.—Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, opening a window of opportunity for creative pursuits. Cupid hovers over finance, food, music, and dancing.
24th Sun.—Friends send out mixed messages about plans, romance, and financial arrangements. Bills slip through the cracks, and questions create layers of confusion.
25th Mon.—You’re starting the week with low energy. Withdrawing from the rat race this evening is a high priority; escape into a movie, a book, or catch up on your email.
26th Tues.—The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, making it difficult to see eye to eye with someone about an important topic. Sudden events impact a relationship.
27th Wed.—A minor malady can send you into private quarters, and taking a different approach to treating it opens the floor for discussion and debate. Seek educated opinions.
28th Thurs.—The Full Moon in Leo lights up the house of your appearance, perspective, and vitality (the 1st). Your intuition and ties to family are strong and healthy.
29th Fri.—A big ego causes friction with a rational and informed outlook, and it takes two to irritate. Someone tries to put the king of the jungle in his place. Prepare to roar. 30th Sat.—Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius, highlighting your partner’s detached observations about giving and taking. Comparing and contrasting can land you in trouble.
31st Sun.—Far-flung destinations ignite trepidation and doubt. Feeling secure in your locale keeps you in your comfort zone. An analysis hits the nail on the head; run with it.

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