Macramé décor and potholders diy making method

30-minute hanging potholder

The 70’s are back in vogue, and with that comes macramé. Macramé décor and potholders have popped up everywhere but are often (understandably) pricey, considering the time it takes to master the art. Instead of spending hours painstakingly becoming a macramé fundi, try this 30-minute DIY. You are going to have the expression of a fundamental macramé bit with of the work or expense.

•Measure the distance in the hanging stage on your home to where you want your plant to hang. Cut six pieces of string about three times that span.
•Lay the pieces of rope on a table and then tie a large knot in the middle of all six pieces.
•Separate the strings in to four segments of three.
•Rest the bud plant on the middle of the knot to assess the area it covers past the knot. Create a faint pencil mark at the point at which the bottom of the pot finishes. Eliminate the pot.
•Braid every section of three strings upward until the pen mark.
•Set back the plant on the knot together with the four sections an equal distance apart.
•Taking two strings out of one segment and one from another, tie a knot close to the base edge of the pot.
•Once these knots are complete, repeat the procedure with the remaining strings, forming another layer of knots. Repeat for larger pots, until the knots Get to the top of the
•Gather all the strings and tie them together in a single last knot at dangling height.
Trim off any excess string.

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