Melting pond ice with hot water Prepare for winter

Melting pond ice with hot water Prepare for winter

Ruth believes the key tasks for the forthcoming season
EVERY year has its challenges, but winter is the one which actually keeps us on our feet. Unpredictable,harsher weather, gloopy mud, dripping branches and an apparent dearth of life from the backyard is a less-than-thrilling combination that almost justifies our unwillingness to set foot out.
However, even though the garden is dormant, there’s plenty for us to be getting on together and thinking about; this is not the time for us to lock the door, light the flame and forget about our treasured patch.
You will find critters to feed, trees to shape, plants to safeguard and weather damage to repair.
If you are lucky enough to have a pond, use the next few weeks to clean the plants, cutting back dead and dying vegetation, pruning water lilies and removing tender varieties prior to keeping them in the greenhouse.
When pruning marginals, don’t cut back stems to beneath the water level since they will drown.
If your pond is stocked with fish, stop feeding them after daytime temperatures dip under 10ºC as they become lethargic and eat less, so uneaten food will rot and foul the water.
If your pond freezes difficult, do not break the ice by attempting to smash itas this will shock the fish to departure.
Rather, hold a pan of warm water on the surface till it melts. A bal left floating in the pond will keep water flowing slightly, which can stop freezing.
Make sure tools are clean and sharp, and use gloomy wet days to clean the shed. Hang as many applications as
Possible off the floor and make certain substances are clearly labelled and safely stored.
Your greenhouse will need cleaning before tender plants are stored indoors for winter months, and it is always worth adding a few clips to the panes to hold them fast.
Ultimately, and most interesting of all, use these days for planning next season, stocking up on essentials, and surfing seed catalogues and garden centers, since before we know it, we shall
Be back to sowing and developing.
Ideas for winter
1、Maximise space by refreshing old growbags with Growmore,and developing winter salads in the greenhouse. Check there are no weeds or pests in the compost first.

2、Make sure young trees have been securely staked and tied
Prior to the first storms arrive.

3、Avoid walking frosty lawns as you’ll damage grass blades, which will make way for muddy weeds and stains.

4、Tulip bulbs in borders, pots and naturalising them in the yard.

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