Scorpio your january guide

Scorpio your january guide

1st-8th: Networking overdrive. After the holiday break, you can attend networking events, social gatherings, and discussion groups, Scorpio. On the 4th, when Mercury conjoins Pluto in your solar 3rd, pace yourself. These meetings may be in different locations, and some of them may take place on the same day, so it is easy to stretch yourself thin. Just do what you can.
9th-16th: Stimulating partnership. Continue to open yourself up to meeting people by attending gatherings that emphasize your talents and skills. With the New Moon occurring in your solar 3rd on the 13th, followed by Uranus stationing direct in your solar 7th on the 14th, take the time to form a stimulating partnership that can guide you into new areas of learning.
17th-23rd: Financial control. Mercury conjoins Saturn and Jupiter in your solar 4th on the 9th and 11th, so home renovations and repairs may demand your attention now. Review your finances so you can control how much to invest to improve your surroundings. A home upgrade can give you an incentive to host get-togethers for friends and family; that’s all to the good.
24th-31st: Regaining momentum. Mercury stations retrograde in your solar 4th on the 30th, so home improvements you may have started last week could be moving slower than you would like. Just go with the flow, rather than letting yourself get upset about it. Mercury will go direct on February 20, allowing you to regain your momentum in no time at all.

Day-by-day forecast for scorpio

1st Fri.—Your intensity helps get your point across, Scorpio. Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, sweetening your words to make the medicine go down easier.
2nd Sat.—A boss notices your drive and enthusiasm. Taking on more responsibility in career endeavors helps you up the ladder, and you have energy to spare for challenges.
3rd Sun.—Colleagues offer constructive criticism to help reach your goals, and your partner offers a support system to see you through. Attention to detail wins the day.
4th Mon.—Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, your house of siblings, neighbors, cars, and communication (the 3rd). Your detective ability moves to front and center. 5th Tues.—Relaxing in a quiet corner gives you time to ponder a domestic matter that needs attention. The older generation provides tips that are otherwise unavailable.
6th Wed.—Mars enters Taurus, your house of confrontation, competition, and relationships (the 7th). Partners bring home the bacon but resist progressive changes.
7th Thurs.—Reaching a compromise with your significant other requires more concessions than you bargained for. Financial issues are a source of controversy.
8th Fri.—Venus enters Capricorn, your house of information, connections, and close kin (the 3rd). Traditions take a front seat here; so does artistic appreciation.
9th Sat.—Mercury conjoins Saturn in Aquarius, your house of home, hearth, real estate, and family roots (the 4th). Elders provide logic; upgrade technology in living quarters.
10th Sun.—Kids and teens idolize but lack practical direction. Money spent on a quick fix to a problem may be money wasted, but a definitive solution seems out of your reach.
11th Mon.—Mercury conjoins Jupiter in Aquarius, ushering in modern conveniences that streamline your home. Celebrate some good news about a family member. 12th Tues.—The New Moon in Capricorn stimulates the house of communication, messaging, and neighbors (the 3rd). Restrictions apply; abide by the rules.
13th Wed.—Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, presenting hurdles to jump to achieve your ends with partners, elders, and real estate. You won’t get a break. 14th Thurs.—Uranus stations direct in Taurus, causing a sudden turn of events in partnerships. Freedom, money, stability, and commitment are the hot button issues.
15th Fri.—Internet connections and electronics are a high priority, and you’ll take precautions to keep all equipment running smoothly. Elders welcome your assistance.
16th Sat.—Cupid makes an appearance, especially in an atmosphere of art, music, festivities, or where children play. Cultural creatives’ conversation comes into focus.
17th Sun.—Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, creating spontaneous introductions in a domestic setting that can morph from a handshake to something more.
18th Mon.—Mom, Pop, or an older family member demonstrates skills and wisdom from the past that can be applied to the present. The result brings smiles all around. 19th Tues.—Styles clash between getting a job done as quickly as possible and examining it from every angle and completing the task as it was performed years ago.
20th Wed.—Mars conjoins Uranus in Taurus, your house of opponents, partners, enemies, and confrontations (the 7th). The rug is pulled from beneath your feet.
21st Thurs.—Managing volatile issues in relationships requires your steely nerve and cool head in a crisis. Problems with money need your immediate attention and action.
22nd Fri.—Opinions clash on practical matters, but in the afternoon an agreement is reached that encourages thrift and a change of values. Minor sacrifices serve you well. 23rd Sat.—The Sun conjoins Saturn in Aquarius, the house of your family roots, home, land, and real estate (the 4th). Traditions shake hands with progress, with minor changes.
24th Sun.—Cuts in entertainment budgets are a cause for consternation, but you’ll adjust as necessary. Doublespeak in your love life sows seeds of doubt and disillusionment. 25th Mon.—Comparing different cultures and far-flung locales inclines you to remain in familiar circumstances. An elder may influence decisions here; so will the ties that bind.
26th Tues.—The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, causing unexpected occurrences with family matters, relationships, and keeping emotions on an even keel.
27th Wed.—A heartthrob from a different background enters your line of vision, and you’ll find a way to bridge the gap. Deep connections are forged, then tested.
28th Thurs.—The Full Moon in Leo lights up the house of authority figures, rank, status, government, and career (the 10th). Public exposure highlights your equanimity.
29th Fri.—Higher-ups strut and fret while you run damage control. Taking on more responsibility than usual at your job gets you noticed for your dedication and efficiency.
30th Sat.—Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius, your house of land, property, your home, elders, and family (the 4th). Trouble lurks here with connections and electronics. 31st Sun.—Sweethearts are surprisingly critical, but you’re a captive audience. Communication lines buzz in groups and teams. Worthy causes have good outcomes.

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