Spice-roasted pumpkin soup with macadamia nut dukkah

Spice-roasted pumpkin soup with macadamia nut dukkah


Chill the soup and keep for 3-4 days

in an airtight container. Or freeze in batches for up to 3 months.Defrost in the fridge overnight and reheat until piping hot. Store the dukkah in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

•1.2kg pumpkin, peeled and seeds removed, cut into large wedges
•5 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
•¼ tsp chilli flakes, plus extra to serve
•¼ tsp smoked paprika
•½ tsp ground cumin
•½ tsp ground coriander
•1 garlic bulb, separated into unpeeled cloves
•2 onions, finely chopped
•1.25 litres hot vegetable stock
•Finely grated zest and juice 1 lemon

a)2 tbsp currants
b)Small handful each fresh flatleaf parsley, mint and coriander leaves
c)Labneh or Greek yogurt to serve

d)1 tsp fennel seeds

•1 tsp sesame seeds
•1 tsp cumin seeds

a)2 tbsp macadamias
b)2 tsp fresh thyme leaves
c)1 tsp salt flakes

d)A stick blender

1 For the dukkah, toast the seeds for
a few minutes in a dry frying pan. Cool, then crush in a pestle and mortar (or in a jug with the end of a rolling pin), and
transfer to a bowl. Toast the macadamias in the same way, then cool and chop before adding to the bowl of crushed seeds along with the thyme leaves
and salt. Set aside (see Make Ahead).

2 Heat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan/gas 4. Toss the pumpkin in a large roasting tray with 3 tbsp of the oil, the spices and the whole garlic cloves. Season, then roast for 45-50 minutes or until the pumpkin is cooked and the garlic is soft. Squeeze the garlic flesh out of the skins over the pumpkin. Set aside.
3 Heat the remaining 2 tbsp oil in a large
saucepan set over a medium-high heat. Add the onions and cook, stirring occasionally, for 10-12 minutes or until the onions have softened. Add the pumpkin mixture and stock, then cover and cook, stirring occasionally, for 15-20 minutes.
4 Remove from the heat and use the stick blender to whizz until smooth. Season, then stir in the lemon zest and juice. Divide the soup among warmed serving bowls, then scatter with extra chilli flakes, currants, herbs and some dukkah. Add
a dollop of labneh or yogurt to serve.
PER SERVING (FOR 6) 180kcals, 12.2g fat
(1.9g saturated), 3.3g protein, 11.8g carbs (9.5g sugars), 0.9g salt, 4.7g fibre

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