Storage and cooking methods of corn

Corn Cornucopia

Corn is a really easy vegetable to continue for a while.
There are 3 Chief types of corn which are grown for eating, as well as one which is used as an ornamental corn:
•Sweetcorn — best harvested when young and utilized as fresh as you can.
•Flour corn — the types that have a high starch content, usually used for grinding to maize meal or consumed fresh (not dried), roasted or boiled on a braai.
•Popcorn — these varieties have a tough outer shell and a starchy endosperm that pops and expands when warmed.
•Pod corn — not grown for eating but as decoration.
The best way to store sweetcorn would be to freeze it, also There Are Lots of Methods of accomplishing
this. You can even blanch the sweetcorn initially or suspend it raw. So many choices…
The option you go for depends on what you plan to use the corn to get in the long run. For salads and salsas, it’s ideal to blanch the corn in a big pot of boing water for around 5 minutes, then cut the kernels off the cob and package them into plastic bags to the freezer. If you are going to roast the corn, then add it to soups or sauté it, then there is actually no use in cooking it first. Just pack it in to bags, tag it and then pop it in the freezer. Sweetcorn should be chosen when the outer leaves are soft and green.
Flour corn, popcorn and bunny corn start the drying process on the plant. If the cobs are fully mature, harvest them for ingestion or abandon them onto the plant to wash, and then harvest them once the plant has begun to die.
Make sure the husks are fully dried. To cure corn, peel back the husks, eliminate any corn silks and utilize the husks to tie them into a structure with great air flow between them to completely air-dry.
Flour corn saved this way can be used for cooking or as animal feed. Popcorn needs to cure for 4 — 6 weeks prior to storing. You can depart the corn on the cob,
But it’s ideal to strip the kernels off the cob and package them or paper bags. Finding the kernels off the cob could be quite a challenge. It is possible to use your thumbs to vaporize every kernel lose, or try rubbing two cobs together, or use a twisting movement with two hands, but those are time consuming and may hurt. Rick Stone has an ingenious hack to get the kernels off easily: Get an offcut of wood, like a 2 x 4 piece of walnut or any hard wood. Leave about 2cm on one side, and from there cut a 45° angle to make a sharp point. You can now hold the one side and scrape the sharp finish over the cobs, and the kernels will come off readily.
Cooking new
There are many ways to cook corn, but here are a couple which are fast and very yummy.
49In butter and milk add a bit of luxuriousness to fresh sweetcorn by ingesting it in butter and milk. There’s no need to bring the butter after as it will be perfectly buttered already. Bring to the boil and then add 1 cup of milk along with 100g butter.
•About the braai: corn straight on the grill is a summer favourite. Leave the husks on the corn, but pare back them and remove the silks, then replace the husks and fasten them. The husks shield the kernels and help them .
•From the microwavefor a much quicker version, remove the silks nevertheless abandon the husks on the corn, and microwave it for 3 minutes for perfectly quick-cooked corn.


When boiling corn, then do not add salt to the water or it will produce the corn tough and chewy. Likewise don’t overcook corn cobs — just a few minutes is sufficient. Assess that its cooked by using a fork; it should have the ability to pierce the kernels easily.

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