Succulents experience three life stages: growth, rest and flowering

Feeding the fatties

We tend to think that Mother Nature has obviously bestowed all succulent plants with everything they should fend for themselves, because they’re normally banished to deserts and desert-like places.

That is true, believing that in nature such crops can endure tough conditions by simply ticking over and staying alive. Nevertheless, the trendy succulents we grow in gardens, in pots on the patio and indoors have been increased in nursery color houses and hothouses, where they’ve led lives that are bruised.
This means that we ought to do exactly the same, and that usually means feeding them so that they keep their plump appearance and wonderful colours.

Succulents experience three life stages: growth, rest and flowering.
Feeding has to be done through the active growth stage and the flowering stage, but not during the rest interval. While today is generally a good time to feed succulents, research your crops for a while before doing so. There can be a gap in the time of these stages amongst different plant collections, so ensure yours aren’t at the rest stage until you feed them.

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