Sustainable family home created with bold vision of artist homeowner.

Sustainable family home created with bold vision of artist homeowner.
Blessed with thesurroundingnatural Elegance of two National Parks, also a sensitively and richly designed new family residence, situated in the heart of Hampshire, has now been

Completed.The collaborat ion between the homeowner Winning Snug Architects, unites daring interior design with an elegant facade built with Kebony, a glo bal leader in the production of renewable mod I fied wood
Characterisedby a contextual m o dern layout, Kebony had been ch osen to clad the house, carefull y blending with the home’sverdant heaven surrounding to make a beauti ful family home befitting of itsunique place
Snug Archite c ts decided to design two pitched roof constructions linked by a single-storey glasspavilion, making clear reference to this vernacular 『 ural types seen in the wider context. Wrapping around all the walls and above the pitched roof, Kebony timber,that develops a Exceptional silver-grey
Patina over time, echoes the silver tones of the su『rounding birch trees and con tribut es into the styli sh,clean exteri or layout of th e land
Paul Bulkeley at Snug Architec ts com mented 叮 he job is because of its settingand sits deep in its cont ext.. Kebonys hard-wearing and sustainable
Characteristics made it the perfect choice for the cladding, although its knotty look is the accura te reflec tion of the mat ure trees at econtext
For illustrator along with ar tist Jennie Maizels, it had been vita l that the interiorsreflected her passion for bold designandcreative flair. To realise her vision because of her loved ones home, Jennie worked with pioneering companies who have dared to differ, introducing splashesof color to their produc ts,ranging from fantastic b「ight countertops from Vill eroy & Boch, into purple crimson bathroom cabinets from Duravite

For its ex terio r, the wood claddingwas chosen to not just add a distinctive decorative to the house, but for I ts sustainability cr edentials and for getting the durability classof a hardwood, with a natural textured, tactile quality.

Produced in Norway, Kebony’s revoluti onary technologies is a environm entally friendly process which modifies sustainably sourced softwoods by heating the timber together with
Furfuryl alcohol – a agricultural by-produc t. By polymer ising the wo od’s cell wall, then the softwoods permanently shoot on
The attributes of tropical hardwoo d such as high durability, durability and dimensional stability. Kebony’s environmental qualifications and its natural weathered aesthetic made it the Perfect material for the exterior cladding of family home
Jennie Maizels additional:’Collaboratingwith Snug Architects to create our brand new family home was a passion project, along with also my daughtersand I arereally thrilled with the last product! Our new home was made par ticularly special to us through the usage of excellent products and substances

Like Kebony, which offers a lovely and tim elessexterior finish and really completes the house’snatural aesthetic.’

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