The Horoscope Guide Ephemeris

The Horoscope Guide Ephemeris

All positions are for Mid- night EST. The longitudes table indicates each planet’s daily position in the signs. The declina- tions table shows each planet’s placement north or south of the celestial equator. “R” in a planet’s listing in the longitude table indicates that it be- gins retrograde motion on that date, or may indicate retrograde status at the beginning of the month. “D” means that the planet has resumed its forward (direct) motion in the signs. Exact times for all of these phenomena are given in the Hourly Guide and in the Planning Calen- dar on the pages follow- ing this one.


Aspects are effective several hours before and sev- eral hours after they become exact. All times are for EST/CDT. Add 1 hour for EDT. Subtract 1 hour for CST/MDT, 2 hours for MST/PDT, 3 hours for PST.

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