The kitchen trend update

The kitchen trend update

The lowdown on the newest looks for the most important room in your Property

Organic shapes and gentle curves provide a more human touch compared to the tough lines of contemporary – looking kitchens. It has been scientifically proven that rounded forms are linked to feelings of calm and harmony, so right away you will feel far more at peace if your island has a curve to it. There is also less chance of a bruise from the sharp edge of a seat.
Gloss finishes are no longer the absolute go-to kitchen finish states Christchurch’s Natalie Du Bois of Du Bois Design. This goes beyond cabinetry and extends to appliances such as toaster. Bonus: fingerprints and scratches are much less noticeable on a matte finish than a complete gloss . Gloss and matte finishes work well together so don’t feel you have to select one or another.

  1. Vikki Whyte of Modern Age Kitchens in Christchurch states Laminex acrylic panels are the most inexpensive matte option for cabinetry fronts which are lasting and hard-wearing. That way you’ll be able to splurge on benchtops and hardware, that can be in continuous use and will need to be match fit.
  2. A totally matte kitchen can make a kitchen feel bigger, so if it’s on the compact side, mix your own textures.
    Great wood
    Timber has always been a great option for cabinetry. But, it’s becoming even more so and, the
    More natural it seems, the better says Vikki Whyte. Wooden cabinetry is an investment, especially in the event that you go the custom-made route. However they will give years of service.
    •If your budget does not stretch to wood veneer Vikki advocates Prime Panels”Timberland’ new plate end on its melamine range, that includes a realistic grained feel and looks fantastic on both wood and plain colors.
    •The grain in wood has real personality and should be amplified, so if you would like a dark stain go for a marine ply. That way it will not be such a pity when you pay up a lot of the grain because it would if it had been walnut.
    •Dark inky blues, deep leafy greens and charcoals”sit beautifully with natural timbers,” says Vikki.
    Brushed brass, aged iron and aluminum are key kitchen materials right now, ” says Natalie Du Bois.
    Think of metallic accents because the insides equivalent to some fantastic pair of sneakers. They’ll pull the rest of the components together and be a real focus. Introduce these metals by means of door handles, light or tapware, or go all out with a splashback.
    •It’s best to stick to one kind of metal for a cohesive appearance.
    •Brass does not tarnish easily, so it is a good low-maintenance alternative.
    •Copper does require care with specialised cleaning goods if you would like to keep it shiny. Or you might just choose to decide on the lived-in patina.

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