The rose of the month is the miniature climbing rose ‘Red Midinette’, which produces clusters of bright red miniature blooms against glossy green leaves

Red Midinette

Do not be misled by the miniature classification; this feisty little climber spreads up to 3m, and flowers from top to bottom. It insures a wall if trained on a trellis or smothers an archway or pillar with flowers. It flowers more thickly than bigger Climbers and is very rewarding.

Rose care
48Fertilise with Vigorosa in mid-November to supply a new dose of nutrients for the next rose flush.
49Keep bushes tidy by removing faded blooms.
50Water two or more times a week.
51In hot, dry weather watch out for red spider and spray the undersides of the leaves with a double dose of Ludwig’s Insect Spray.
52Should there be a rainy spell, spray with Chronos and Ludwig’s Insect Spray to prevent black spot and to repel pests.

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