Use the coming dormant days to plant, restore and tidy the garden

Use the coming dormant days to plant, restore and tidy the garden
Nine key jobs for the Wintertime
1、Prepare the soil now so you are ready to plant.

2 、Regenerate overworked soil with plants that are green. Sow now and leave it for a month or two before chopping down it and digging it in to nourish the soil.

3、Leafmould is a wonderful soil tonic.If area is a problem, accumulate leaves in dark binliners, wet them and depart for a couple of years to rot down..

4、Winter is the time for pruning many deciduous trees and shrubs, so ensure that your tools (saw, loppers and secateurs) are sharp, clean and oiled.

5、That is a tough time for backyard birds so be sure they have fresh water and food available at all times and that bird tables and baths are clean.

6、Plan a colourful spring following season by planting bareroot wallflowers and spring bedding. They will sit tight, and then return to existence in the warmer weather.

7、Prepare the greenhouse for tender winter residents. Wash surfaces and glass, secure panes and remove pests by light a fumigating candle.

8、Containers and their crops are more vulnerable to freezing than crops in borders, therefore chalk baskets and tuck them somewhere sheltered.

9、Tradition states that garlic needs to be sown by Christmas, so get garlic,onion sets and hardy wide legumes such as’Aquadulce Claudia’ planted today.

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