Virgo your january guide

Virgo your january guide

1st-8th: Back in shape. Now that the holidays are over, you can resume a healthful regimen, Virgo. With your ruling planet Mercury entering your solar 6th on the 8th, go back to eating three solid meals and making sure you do not eat on the run. Consider joining a gym where you can use the machines and take a few classes. If possible, hire a trainer to show you the ropes.
9th-16th: Personal challenge. Continue to challenge yourself by stepping up your routine and experimenting with new, healthful recipes. Mercury conjoins Saturn and Jupiter in your solar 6th on the 9th and the 11th, so you will be more disciplined than ever. Combining this with a focused work schedule will make you feel as if you are in control of your life.
17th-23rd: Yearn to learn. Mars forms a conjunction with Uranus in your solar 9th on the 20th, so this is the perfect opportunity to sign up for an exciting class, seminar, or lecture. With new offerings available, you have a wide array of subjects to choose from. They might not have practical use, but they will whet your appetite for gaining knowledge.
24th-31st: Creative space. With the Full Moon highlighting your solar 12th on the 28th this is a perfect time to retreat from social activities. Making time to express yourself creatively should be at the top of your list of New Year’s resolutions. Finding that time, as well as a quiet space where you can work on your own ideas is the first step. The rest will follow.

Day-by-day forecast for virgo

1st Fri.—You keep your emotions close to the vest, Virgo. Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces, presenting Cupid in thought, word, and deed. Express your feelings. 2nd Sat.—Taking care of business from behind the scenes puts you in control in ways that would elude you if you were working in the forefront. Organize and micro-manage.
3rd Sun.—Learning a new topic requires a step-by-step process, and there’s no one better than you to break the subject down into smaller parts to clarify the details.
4th Mon.—Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, your house of risk, romance, sports, games, kids, hobbies, and entertainment (the 5th). A research project is all- consuming.
5th Tues.—You’ll see justice served in financial or medical matters, with a keen eye toward micro-managing the bottom line. Your astute analysis is beyond reproach.
6th Wed.—Mars enters Taurus, your house of higher education, international travel, in-laws, lawyers, and gurus (the 9th). There’s a resistance to change; save your breath. 7th Thurs.—Opinions brush up against the bigger picture, but eventually a compromise is reached. All parties involved make valid points and will respectfully agree to disagree. 8th Fri.—Venus enters Capricorn, your house of recreation, hobbies, speculation, and love affairs (the 5th). Historic forms of art and music arise and Cupid sticks to protocol.
9th Sat.—Venus in Capricorn trines Mars in Taurus, bringing the possibility for a romantic attraction to someone whose background is different than your own.
10th Sun.—Mixed messages are coming across in family matters, so place a question mark over a contract or commitment. Travel plans need scrutiny and a budget.
11th Mon.—Information you’re seeking about a medical issue, employees, or pet care lands in your lap. Your critical thinking skills produce firm answers to questions.
12th Tues.—The New Moon in Capricorn activates the house of kids, teens, sports, games, and romance (the 5th). Cupid hovers; Prince or Princess Charming plays it cool.
13th Wed.—Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius, placing restrictions in matters of hiring, firing, managing pets, and tackling repairs. Medical problems may arise.
14th Thurs.—Uranus stations direct in Taurus, your house of international travel, philosophy, education, and legal issues (the 9th). A turn of events here startles.
15th Fri.—As technical issues arise, you can learn new applications on your own. Later this evening your partner listens intently to your concerns, and offers compassion. 16th Sat.—Rough spots in relationships are smoothed over, and the undercurrent of give and take is restored. Music and dancing provide audio and aerobic balm to old wounds.
17th Sun.—Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, exacerbating one of your peeves with diet, medicine, or health maintenance. Educated opinions clash with yours. 18th Mon.—You’ll see your actions and motives from someone else’s point of view. Delegate tasks to expedite a tight schedule and make meals quick and healthful.
19th Tues.—The Sun enters Aquarius, your house of hired help, daily routine, job skills, and medical matters (the 6th). Progressive trends allure you; absorb and analyze.
20th Wed.—Mars conjoins Uranus in Taurus, your house of international travel and higher education (the 9th). It’s time to set your sights on a distant horizon.
21st Thurs.—Fractious problems about ethics, education, in-laws, or advisers need firm guidance to let cooler heads prevail. Otherwise outbursts of temper can raise a red flag. 22nd Fri.—A walk down memory lane opens doors you thought were closed. Insight about kids, hobbies, and romantic pursuits puts you in the forefront. Revelations occur.
23rd Sat.—The Sun conjoins Saturn in Aquarius, putting the brakes on a dietary issue, a medical concern, a pet, or a staff member. You’ll act as an authority in one of these areas.
24th Sun.—Bosses say one thing and do another, causing consternation and doubt. Directives need double-checking for accuracy so you can pinpoint the source.
25th Mon.—You’re all ears to a friend in need, and will run damage control to deflect additional stress. Group dynamics are nurturing and pals have your best interests at heart.
26th Tues.—The Sun in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus, bringing sudden change in a medical matter for you or a pet. Hired help are either unpredictable or accident prone.
27th Wed.—Your intuition about a child, teen, athlete, artist or friend keeps your antennae up. A clash of taste in food, music, or the arts sparks discussions and debates. 28th Thurs.—The Full Moon in Leo lights up the house of solitude, sabotage, charity, convalescence, and self- destructive habits (the 12th). Secrets will surface and magnify.
29th Fri.—Relaxing in the privacy of your home makes you feel pampered and appreciated. Putting schedules on hold for an hour clears your mind of unwanted stress.
30th Sat.—Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius, your house of pets, medical maladies, diet, food preparation, and staff. Problems with reliability come into focus.
31st Sun.—You’re seeing through your partner’s motives as if through glass. A practical approach to romantic concerns puts passion in the schedule at your earliest convenience.

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