Why is rose the most popular flower in the world?

To have and to hold…
New roses have been published every year, however there are a number of old favourites that never disappoint. If you visit the increased part of your favourite nursery you will find these in flower, and you will see for yourself why they are amongst the best-loved icons of the improved world.

‘Knock Out’
Should you adore roses but not the constant care a few need, this compact tree rose, with its abundant clusters of brilliant, cherry pink only to semi-double blossoms, is only for you! These plants flower continuously from spring to autumn and are self-cleaning, so there is little that you perform to keep them neat. Use them as a colourful border of roses as bright pathways or around your patio area. Size about 90 x 120cm.

‘My Granny’
Still one of the most well-known roses available on the market today, and an ideal choice to give as a special gift or to plant in remembrance. Heavy clusters of soft- pink, quartered, rosette-shaped blossoms depicting the charm of a classic add weight to cascading stems with healthful, glossy green foliage. This arching growth habit makes it perfect for bathtubs and large containers. Size roughly 1 x 2m.

‘Little Red Hedge’
That is dynamite in a small package, using a large dose of romantic flair! Deep-red pointed buds open up into clear carmine double blossoms. It is supposed by Ludwig Taschner, a well-known rose grower, that only one stem could consume up to 50 small, ideal blossoms, which is enough for a terrific arrangement. This rose hybrid isn’t tardy either, and lots of basal flower spikes are created. A row of them are going to form a dense little red hedge quicker than you expect. Size roughly 30 x 45cm.

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